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Idea of watching porn together with sexual partner

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It is quite common that people get sexual desires now and then. Sex is a pleasure to be enjoyed hence people seek to gratify the desires whenever they find the opportunity. Some people tend to think more about sex and they have inner rush for sex naturally but some people tend to have normal drive for sex naturally. Porn websites have grown significantly in the past decade. The Emergence Media website declares that the biggest porn websites are the most valuable tech companies on the web. There are different ways to enjoy sex and people choose whichever is comfortable for them. Sexual desires should be gratified to enjoy the pleasure but it should be enjoyed in safe manner. Sex is good as far as the person does it with mutual consent and also without harming any one.

Watching porn

Many people love watching porn since it gives them the pleasure of sex through arousals. As they watch porn they get excited and gratify the arousal through masturbation. Porn is nothing but obscene material such an images or clips available online on in DVD format. Porn actress and actors will get engage in sex in different sexual activities. Masturbation is an act of self stimulation of genitals to attain the pleasure. Both boys and girls do masturbation as boys love jerking their penis using bare hands or using sex toys and girls love inserting their fingers in their vagina to enjoy the pleasure as if they have intercourse with someone or they also use sex toys for masturbation.

Watching together

As far as porn is considered many people watch as couple because they love watching it together so that they can try such things. Another major reason for watching porn together with sexual partner is to initiate the arousal. Some couple love teasing each other using porn clips or movies. You may think that watching porn together with the sexual partner is not right but there are a lot of benefits in it. If you come to know about the benefits of watching porn together then you will start doing it. Ignorance actually brings a lot of reasons but knowing will keep you move forward and it is applicable in sex also.


Sexual interests shared

The joy of watching sex clips and porn movies is speechless and it paves the way for the ladies to express their sexual interests or the male partner to get to know about the sexual interest of their female partner. Most of the ladies use to be introverts when it comes to sex but they love to have intense and passionate sex. So as they watch porn with their partner they may show their interests to the partner or the partner will be able to identify the sexual interests of his lady easily. If the both of them get to know about the sexual interest of each other, they can give their best in satisfying each other. This will result in mind blowing sex for both of them.

Get idea and interest

Ladies that don’t have interest or don’t have much idea about oral sex can get idea about such things through porn. Therefore porn seems instructional if the couple watches it together. Even some men don’t take part in cunnilingus as either they don’t know it or they may not like it likewise women that don’t have idea or interest in blow job can also get interest in it by watching porn.

She may also allow her man for cunnilingus as she comes to know the enjoyable pleasure. You may say that they can check sex demo or instructional or educational video but the fact is that such videos will be purely instructional and no emotions will be carried through. But the porn clips carry emotions and feelings though it is acting, people that watch porn will get arousals and surely it will create sexual arousals and interests between them.

Satisfying each other

Therefore watching porn together has many benefits as it benefits both him and her. The best advantage that many surveys bring about watching porn as couple is that it makes each other to contribute their best and they get intensely satisfied on each other. This increases the sexual intimacy between each other so there is no chance for extra marital affairs. Most of the extra marital affairs are because of lack of satisfaction in the sexual life and it will be eradicated only by having satisfied sexual life with partner that gives better sexual cooperation and satisfaction.

Give her mind blowing orgasm

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When it comes to sexual experience, people differentiate it between male and female. But many people don’t understand that the sense of feeling sex is common to all. It is nothing like men are superior in sex and women are inferior. Many people think that women take less interest in sex and men are more interested in it. But that is not true because women generally don’t express their feeling regarding sex but they do have a lot of interest in it.

There are many women that enjoy sex more than men and they take it as the must enjoyable pleasure. Actually sex is a pleasure that is common for men and women and experiencing the pleasure differs from people to people and it is truly about how intensely they get engaged in sex and the type of activities they use in sex.


As far as climax is concerned there are many people that think that the climax is only for men. But many women attain climax because of their interest and the cooperation of their partner. The climax that women attain in sex is called as orgasm. Only few women have the idea about orgasm and only few reach it during sex. Orgasm is the intense pleasure that each woman can attain it easily using some simple steps.

Desire for it

First of all woman should desire it and secondly her sexual partner should contribute for it. Sex is all about contributing each other to reach intense pleasure. Those that understand that sex is a mutual contribution they could enjoy ecstatic pleasure.

Sex positions

Women can reach their orgasm when man uses certain sex positions. If you want your partner to experience shuddering orgasm then you should use some alterations in your existing sexual positions that you have been trying for long time. Missionary position is one of the best and most preferred sex positions but it will be normal if you get inside of her.

She will love it and you will have the climax as usually but she can't have orgasm. In your missionary position just add a pillow under her butt and keep her butt and hip in raised level. This will make you go deeper and as your cock goes deeper both of you can enjoy it. As you go deeper inside her she will get intense pleasure and she could reach her orgasm. Many people have tried this and their female partner has shuddering orgasm.

Slow and steady strokes

As far as orgasm is concerned you have to make sure that you make your strokes slowly and then increase the pace gradually. If you rush up with increasing speed from the beginning you may attain climax soon but she will not reach her orgasm. Therefore make your intercourse steady to allow her taking time to enjoying your pounding bit by bit. Only if you take time on her, your cock will have more time with her G spot and she will get orgasm for sure.


Another secret for orgasm is that though you try different sex positions to give her orgasm you should give her amazing fore play especially enjoyable time in oral sex. You have to find one thing that your tongue can do magic in her pussy. Make sure that you know about cunnilingus or else learn and use it. The art of cunnilingus is nothing but taking time on her pussy using your tongue licking and writing on her vaginal walls. She will have out of the world experience if you lick her deeply besides massaging her clitoris. It will give her mind blowing pleasure and after having more time on there take her for intercourse and she will get orgasm for sure.

Use sex toys

Many women get their climax while her partner plays cunnilingus as they could not control the pleasure. Another thing is that you can tease her or masturbate her using sex toys. Many women like to use sex toys and the sex toy used by women is called as dildo which will be in the shape and size of penis. It will be better to use it in her pussy to make her reaching her orgasm. The fact is that you will not be able to have your penis long time in her pussy as you will cum soon. Therefore use dildo or vibrator and leave her free on bed or couch and spread her legs wide to use sex toy.

Porn categories preferred by porn watchers

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These days, internet has become the best source for most of the things of this life. The reason is that people could get different things of different category from online. Internet is a huge resource that brings out wide range of materials and contents in different formats such as text, audio and video. The one of the reason for which internet is widely used is entertainment. And most of all the shocking fact about internet is that is being the major source for porn and other sexual content. Be it a sexual clips or sex education and information internet has a lot of contents on it.

Porn watching habit

Different types of porn are there and people of different age group watches porn. Most of the people think that youngsters are the majority of porn watchers but the fact is that adults and middle aged people and even old people watch porn. It is all about the interest and the availability of chances to see it. In the beginning people watch porn individually and they don’t have the practice of watching porn with partner. But these days, people watch porn with their sexual partner or with the life partner. This is because that they find it beneficial for their sexual life.

Different categories of porn

When it comes to watching porn, people tend to choose different categories to enjoy the pleasure. Watching the same category of porn does not going to be interesting therefore porn watchers do watch different categories. Some of the porn categories are: teens, celebrities, college, mature, MILF, couples, interracial, anal, blow job, fetish, coed sex, college sex, sex party, orgasm, cum shots, cream pie, squirting, masturbation, blonde, outdoor, and much other. Individuals choose different categories among these and also much more. All these categories are available for free of cost hence porn watchers take time to watch the clips from their favorite category so that they can enjoy masturbating after getting the arousal. The person that watches porn will either masturbate or will have sex with sexual partner if possible.


Many boys these days love watching the MILF porn category. The term MILF means Mother I Like to Fuck. It is quite common that in real life there are many people that get interested in the married or divorced or separate ladies. Many boys use to get attracted to such ladies physically because of their shape or structure or figure or any other things. MILF porn contains adult ladies engaging in sex. MILF lady with young boy or her husband or the neighbor or colleague and other men will be the theme of the video and it will differ in different films. MILF having ultimate sex in her own way will be in MILF porn. You can see blow job, any kind of oral sex, intercourse and sex in different positions.


Some of the boys and girls check clips in random as they like to watch any category. Apart from MILF many people use to watch celebrity porn category. In this category favorite and famous porn stars will be acting. Generally porn watchers use to be fond of porn films done by their favorite porn stars and they watch different movies and clips of such actors everytime. Likewise they like different favorite porn stars and they love enjoying watching their favorite stars in different sexual activities.


Orgasm is another category that many people love to watch because they love watching woman moaning due to intense climax. As they see woman getting orgasm they could get intense pleasure in their masturbation. In the real life, many women don’t get orgasm hence when people watch it on screen they get excited. That is why many people love watching orgasm porn category. This category is also classified as college orgy, orgy fest and other categories in which group of people will involve in sex and will get orgasm.

Couple sex is one of the porn categories that many porn watchers like to watch and they choose especially homemade clips to enjoy real sex. There are many porn sites for home made clips in which a lot of homemade couple or wife sex clips will be available. Since it is natural, it attracts a lot of porn watchers.