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Give her mind blowing orgasm

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When it comes to sexual experience, people differentiate it between male and female. But many people don’t understand that the sense of feeling sex is common to all. It is nothing like men are superior in sex and women are inferior. Many people think that women take less interest in sex and men are more interested in it. But that is not true because women generally don’t express their feeling regarding sex but they do have a lot of interest in it.

There are many women that enjoy sex more than men and they take it as the must enjoyable pleasure. Actually sex is a pleasure that is common for men and women and experiencing the pleasure differs from people to people and it is truly about how intensely they get engaged in sex and the type of activities they use in sex.


As far as climax is concerned there are many people that think that the climax is only for men. But many women attain climax because of their interest and the cooperation of their partner. The climax that women attain in sex is called as orgasm. Only few women have the idea about orgasm and only few reach it during sex. Orgasm is the intense pleasure that each woman can attain it easily using some simple steps.

Desire for it

First of all woman should desire it and secondly her sexual partner should contribute for it. Sex is all about contributing each other to reach intense pleasure. Those that understand that sex is a mutual contribution they could enjoy ecstatic pleasure.

Sex positions

Women can reach their orgasm when man uses certain sex positions. If you want your partner to experience shuddering orgasm then you should use some alterations in your existing sexual positions that you have been trying for long time. Missionary position is one of the best and most preferred sex positions but it will be normal if you get inside of her.

She will love it and you will have the climax as usually but she can’t have orgasm. In your missionary position just add a pillow under her butt and keep her butt and hip in raised level. This will make you go deeper and as your cock goes deeper both of you can enjoy it. As you go deeper inside her she will get intense pleasure and she could reach her orgasm. Many people have tried this and their female partner has shuddering orgasm.

Slow and steady strokes

As far as orgasm is concerned you have to make sure that you make your strokes slowly and then increase the pace gradually. If you rush up with increasing speed from the beginning you may attain climax soon but she will not reach her orgasm. Therefore make your intercourse steady to allow her taking time to enjoying your pounding bit by bit. Only if you take time on her, your cock will have more time with her G spot and she will get orgasm for sure.


Another secret for orgasm is that though you try different sex positions to give her orgasm you should give her amazing fore play especially enjoyable time in oral sex. You have to find one thing that your tongue can do magic in her pussy. Make sure that you know about cunnilingus or else learn and use it. The art of cunnilingus is nothing but taking time on her pussy using your tongue licking and writing on her vaginal walls. She will have out of the world experience if you lick her deeply besides massaging her clitoris. It will give her mind blowing pleasure and after having more time on there take her for intercourse and she will get orgasm for sure.

Use sex toys

Many women get their climax while her partner plays cunnilingus as they could not control the pleasure. Another thing is that you can tease her or masturbate her using sex toys. Many women like to use sex toys and the sex toy used by women is called as dildo which will be in the shape and size of penis. It will be better to use it in her pussy to make her reaching her orgasm. The fact is that you will not be able to have your penis long time in her pussy as you will cum soon. Therefore use dildo or vibrator and leave her free on bed or couch and spread her legs wide to use sex toy.

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